Other Memorials

An oak tree was planted on the Torrington Commons at sunset on April 14th by John and Mary Hayes. Great Torrington was where we lived when Paul was born.
There are plans to plant a Cornus Contraversa Variegata (sometimes known as the wedding tree)  in the grounds of the sixth form centre at South Dartmoor Community College. Allan Sutton. 
 The memorial bench seat overlooking Porthcothan Bay, made by Joe Delfont was installed on March 31st 2011.

There is a star in the constellation of Leo named Paul Brewer (if you would like to try and identify the exact star we can provide you with the location). This was arranged by Eileen's family.

Two rose bushes given by our twin town Cleder have been planted in our front garden. Ashburton/Cleder Twinning Association. Peter & Eileen.

On August 8th 2010 Mark Green, ably assisted by Tom Harradine and watched by several others, planted a Japanese Black Pine in a field owned by the Green family in Morgan Porth.Considering its longevity, malleable spirit and tolerance to the elements, the Japanese Black Pine is the quintessential symbol of friendship in Japanese Gardens around the world. Unfortunately the cows from the neighbouring farm have trampled on the tree, so it is no more! Mark is making plans to plant another and this time it will be fenced off securely.